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01.10.2022 | 20h00
Paris, Fr
Musée de L'Orangerie
Quartet night , PROQUARTET festival
Bryce Dessner, Impermanence
Beethoven, grosse fugue op. 130
01.10.2022 | 20h00
Paris, Fr
Musée de L'Orangerie
Quartet night , PROQUARTET festival
Bryce Dessner, Impermanence
Beethoven, grosse fugue op. 130
20.10.2022 | 20h
Lyon, Fr
Salle Molière
La belle saison,
Saint-Saens, Quartet n. 1
Chausson, Concert in D Major op.21, for violin, piano and string quartet with Manon Galy and Jorge Gonzales
20.10.2022 | 20h
Lyon, Fr
Salle Molière
La belle saison,
Saint-Saens, Quartet n. 1
Chausson, Concert in D Major op.21, for violin, piano and string quartet with Manon Galy and Jorge Gonzales
29.10.2022 | 20h22
Entraigues-sur-sorgue, Fr
La Courroie
Clara Schumann
Robert Schumann
Felix Mendelssohn
Fanny Mendelssohn
29.10.2022 | 20h22
Entraigues-sur-sorgue, Fr
La Courroie
Clara Schumann
Robert Schumann
Felix Mendelssohn
Fanny Mendelssohn


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violin 1 : Charlotte Maclet
violin 2 : Leslie Boulin Raulet
Viola : Sarah Chenaf
Cello : Juliette


Created in 2009 in Paris, the quartet has played at Wigmore Hall in London; the Berlin, Cologne, Essen, Paris and Luxembourg Philharmonics; the Bozar in Brussels; the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, Bruges and Gand; the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, Théâtre de la Ville, Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord and the auditorium of the Musée d'Orsay in Paris; the Koncerthuset in Stockholm; the Musikverein and Konzerthaus in Vienna; Barbican Hall in London; Jordan Hall in Boston; Téatro Colón in Bogota; the Sesc in São Paulo; the auditorium of the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

The quartet regularly tours all over France and the world and recently received a government bursary to be in residency in the south region of France from the DRAC PACA.

Artistic Directors

Since 2018, its members have been artistic directors of the Luberon International String Quartet Festival.


Since its inception, the group began winning an impressive series of prizes in international competitions: First Prize, unanimously awarded, at the 2010 Charles Hennen, First Prize at the 2011 BMJC Beijing International Chamber Music Competition and First Prize at the 2012 Haydn Chamber Music Competition in Vienna. It was also awarded the Press Prize at the Bordeaux International Competition in 2010, in addition to being HSBC winners in 2010 and chosen to participate in the ECHO Rising Star programme in 2015.

The quartet thanks the music sponsorship of the Société Générale for the precious support imparted upon its inception.
The quartet became 'artist associate' in the Singer-Polignac foundation in paris in summer 2020.


Quatuor Zaïde has very regularly received valuable advice from Hatto Beyerle, Johannes Meissl, Gábor Takács-Nagy, Gordan Nikolic and Goran Gribajecvic, who they consider their mentors.


Since 2013, the group has been in close collaboration with the label NoMadMusic, with whom they created three albums quickly lauded by critics, notably awarded a “4 f” from Télérama for their Haydn album (2015) and the Choc Classica for their Franck-Chausson record (2017).


It is a point of pride for the group not to specialize in any one repertoire, as they are convinced that the music of yesterday sheds light on the present, and that one cannot understand music of the past without living in today's.


Charlotte Maclet plays a Testore.
Leslie Boulin Raulet plays a violin from Jacques Boquet.
Sarah Chenaf plays an unsigned Italian viola from the 17th century.
Juliette Salmona plays a Claude-Augustin Miremont cello lent by theassociation ‘Les Amis du violoncelle.’

First violin : Charlotte Maclet
Second violin : Leslie Boulin Raulet
Viola : Sarah Chenaf
Cello : Juliette Salmona

our name : Zaïde

It is always difficult to choose a name. One must grow up with it, get old with it, say it whenever one meets someone else and repeat it whilst articulating exaggeratedly when one cannot be understood. In the case of a string quartet, following a long and challenging struggle over it, once a name has finally been found one is forever having to explain the reasons for that choice. It is probably the name which finds you rather than the other way around, since, in our case, we all recognised ourselves immediately at the mention by one of us of Zaïde, Mozart’s unfinished Singspiel. Firstly, because of its immediate musical impact, as one hears a short, sharp sound, and, also, the fact that to a French person, the Z and the dieresis lend it an exotic note, and make one feel like travelling. And the name starts to resonate… Zaïde is the heroine of a drama and it follows that our quartet is the heart of the story that we are beginning to write together. The Singspiel genre (a popular version of operas), inspires us too. From the German “singen” meaning to sing, and “spielen” to play. Sing, because the voice is always a model for us and an ideal for any musician. It is the first of all instruments and probably the most expressive. Play, because in the world of classical music, also pompously called “serious” music, we notice that a professional artist’s interpretations often lack the simple and crucial element of music as play, in the sense of a child would understand it, from the latin word « jocus » meaning joke! Playing, “das Spiel”, before referring to a musician’s interpretation, means drama, and the pleasure of inhabiting another character. Which refers us back to words, to language which is the basis for eighteen century music, the century of Haydn and Mozart, the cradle of string quartets. Speaking is what we wish to do with our quartet and it is the first function of the genre: four people meeting to share a musical discussion among themselves and with an audience, with one single voice or several, in an infinite number of combinations. We find this far more rewarding than speaking alone. And then, close to Zaïde, we find Mozart. We could not have imagined better patronage than that of the Viennese rockstar: Mozart occupies a privileged place in the genesis of our discipline but, especially, he knows how to speak to everyone: his music reaches equally to the aristocrat, to the bourgeois or to the peasant. It speaks equally to the sentimental listener, to the intellectual, the novice or the specialist, to those from the age of the Enlightenment or to our contemporaries… And since Zaïde is an unfinished work, we cannot wait to pursue it…




« While the Quatuor Zaïde are not HIP specialists, their approach to Haydn's music is utterly "authentic"; they do not "tone down their normal style" to fit the music, they simply get under Papa Haydn's skin and throw caution to the wind in getting all his energy and wit, as well as the depth and pathos, and conveying it all beautifully to their audience. »
« Throughout, there is a wonderful sense of discovery and exploration. This is excellent playing of music that should be better known. »


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Johann Sebastian Bach
"The Art of Fugue"
Bélà Bartok
Quartet n°3
Quartet n°4
Quartet n°5

Ludwig van Beethoven
Quartet op.18 n°3
Quartet op.18 n°5
Quartet op. 59 n°3
Quartet op. 74 "Les Harpes"
Quartet op.130 with big fugue
Quartet op. 131
Quartet op.132
Alban Berg
Quartet op.3
Alexandre Borodine
Quartet n°2
Johannes Brahms
Quartet n°3
Anton Bruckner
Rondo for string Quartet
Dmitri Chostakovitch
Quartet n°7
Quartet n°8
Elegie & Polka
Claude Debussy
Quartet op.10
Henri Dutilleux
"Ainsi la nuit"
Anton Dvorak
Quartet op.106
Joseph Leopold Eybler
Quartet op.1 n°3
Gabriel Fauré
César Franck
Sofia Goubaïdoulina
String Quartet with bande magnétique
Réflexion on a theme of BACH
Jonathan Harvey
Quartet n°3
Joseph Haydn
Quartet op.20 n°1
Quartet op. 20 n°5
Quartet op. 50 n°1
Quartet op. 50 n°2
Quartet op.50 n°3
Quartet op.50 n°4
Quartet op.50 n°5
Quartet op.50 n°6
Quartet op. 71 n°2
Quartet op.74 n°3 'the rider'
Quartet op. 76 n°5
Paul Hindemith
Quartet n°4
Charles Ives
Quartet n2
Leos Janacek
"La sonate à Kreutzer"
"Lettres intimes"
Bohuslav Martinu
Quartet n°5
Félix Mendelssohn
Quartet op.12
Quartet op. 13
Quartet op. 44 n°2
Quartet op.80 n°6
Cappricio, Andante et Scherzo op. 81
Fanny Mendelssohn
String Quartet
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Adagio and Fugue K 548
Quartet K.590
Quartet K.157
Quartet K. 421
Quartet K.428
Quartet K. 387
Quartet K.465 'Dissonances'
"Zaïde Ruhe", extract from the Zaïde Opera, arrangement by Eric mouret
'Magic Flute', arrangement for string quartet
Matthias Pintscher
Passagio per quartetti d'archi, Figura 4
Ignaz Pleyel
Quartet op.1 n°2
Maurice Ravel
Steve Reich
"Different Trains"
Wolfgang Rihm
Fetzen 1 et 2
Nicolai Roslavets
Quartet op.1 n°6
Camille Saint-Saëns
Quatuor n°1 op.112
Quatuor n°2 op.153
Franz Schubert
Quartettsatz D 703
Quatuor D 810 'Death and the Maiden' n°14
Quatuor D 887 n°15
Clara Schumann
Variation on a theme by Robert Schumann
Robert Schumann
Quartet n°1
Quartet n°3
Igor Stavinsky
3 pieces for string quartet
Francesca Verunelli
Quartet n°4 (World Premiere)
Anton Webern
Langsamer Satz
Hugo Wolf
Italian Serenade
Iannis Xenakis
Alexander von Zemlinsky
Quartet n°4



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