International string quartet academy

August 30st - september 2nd 2023 - PARIS

« Healing & Joy »

ISQA is above all a desire for transmission, born of 14 years of existence and discoveries within the Zaïde Quartet.
ISQA is the need for us today to share our strength and our identity unique in the world of classical music.
Fourteen years of research and musical learning as much as human and the same mission, always: how to build a coherent musical vision nourished by the strengths of each members in a healthy workspace.

We want to share this magic with you thanks to this international and intergenerationel meeting of all string quartets.
From the great masters, guardians of the secrets of a centuries-old tradition, to the promising young talents through confirmed artists of the genre. ISQA aims to become an essential place where groups can work together, create in a supportive and team spirit.

And since Music is a "care of the soul", ISQA integrates into its training course domains annexed to the instrumental practice, to take care (“heal”) of other aspects of the lives and careers of musicians (development of career strategy, art of relaxation, conferences and workshops around marketing, maternity and career etc…).

Another aspect of ISQA's mission is to provide a concert platform for all quartets, young and experienced, with national and international partners, open to the public.
Hoping to find many of you within the academy and in the public of the 2 ISQA festival concerts,

With great joy,
The Zaide Quartet

For this year, 3rd edition 2023, the quartets in residency invited are the quartets Magenta, Mirages and Moser




For ISQA students

Workshop for producing sounds by body awareness par Charlotte Maclet et Leslie Boulin Raulet.
Leslie Boulin Raulet and Charlotte Maclet propose a meditative workshop inspired by Qi Gong. A moment to breathe, to heal the hard working body of musicians and to relieve physical and emotional tension. Since 18 years Charlotte & Leslie specialize alongside their musical carreer in Qi Gong and meditation applied to music making. They work with instrumentalists of all backgrounds to help them create a healthy relationship with their instrument and support their search for harmony between body and instruments.

As 1st violinist of the Paris-based Quatuor Zaide, Charlotte enjoys an international career, playing in the most prestigious halls of the world and recording for NoMad Music label.
Since almost 20 years she has been practicing QiGong and studied Meditation with the great Chinese master Zhijing Wang and his student Dominic Hill in the Hua Gong tradition.
She has trained in Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine and teaches QiGong and Meditation to groups of musicians and non-musicians.
She developed a technique of body scan while playing her instrument which she likes to share with musicians, in order to help them relieve the physical, mental and emotional tensions they might be experiencing. She developed and experienced for 12 years these techniques of “sound production through awareness of the body” with the members of her ensemble Camerata Alma Viva and created numerous original projects based on these meditative techniques.


Leslie Boulin Raulet is the second violin of the Zaïde Quartet. It's been now 8 years that Leslie is having the time of her life in this ensemble and is the mother of a 4 years old child. After graduating from the best music schools in France, USA and ENGLAND (CRR of Boulogne- Billancourt, Lawrence University, Royal College of Music and Guildhall school of music), Leslie worked with the best symphonic orchestras and chamber orchestras in England (London Symphony Orchestra, BBC concert orchestra, Southbank Sinfonia, Manchester Camerata, Royal Northern Sinfonia, Scottish Chamber Orchestra) and in France (Chamber Orchestra of Paris, Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra). Passionate about creative alternative projects, Leslie founded the Brillig ensemble, a chamber orchestra that she lead from the violin. Leslie developped meditation alongside music at the same level. Leslie was the apprentice of Dominic Hill, learning a Qua Gong meditation imported from China by Zhijing Wang. Then she studied with Martine Faideau, a Soufi Master. It's been now almost 20 years that Leslie practise and teach meditation. " All these years of meditation have an immediate and sustainable impact on my way of playing, the way I practice music, my joy to come on stage and to be who I am ! I know I need to give this experience to musicians for them to find their inner peace, the joy and well-being in their bodies with their instruments on stage. "




For ISQA & PROQUARTET students
In partnership with PROQUARTET

The requirements for being a successful classical musician have changed rapidly in the recent years. Mastering an instrument now merely forms the basis of an artist’s 360-degree profile. The participants of this workshop will get a solid introductory overview about the various factors of a career and how to on them : An overview of the classical music market, self management processes, strategies, networking, artist materials an other contents.

Andreas Vierziger has been working as an independent strategist, innovation consultant and curator for various international classical music institutions and classical music related projects after having worked as an artist manager for large scale classical music artists including GRAMMY winners. Selected clients and project partners include classical music video streaming platform takt1 (Head of Artistic Cooperations), Camerata Salzburg (Board of Directors), Thomastik-Infeld, Austrian National Tourist Office, Welsh National Opera, Vivienne Westwood, Grafenegg Festival, Netflix and many others. He has been on more than 25 juries of music competitions and has been lecturing at many international universities such as University of Music and performing Arts Vienna, Tokyo University of the Arts, Zurich University of the Arts, Liszt Academy Budapest, Royal Danish Academy of Music, Bilkent University Ankara, Sibelius Academy Helsinki and Paris-Sorbonne.


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